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Al-Nakba semifinal tickets were secured Indonesia

INbolnet - Latest news from the seizure of Al-Nakba Cup 2012 which we summarized from bolanet and we present inbol, Indonesia drew 1-1 against Kurdistan in the final preliminary round Group B Al-Nakba Cup 2012, Saturday (19/5), and ensure one ticket to the semifinals.

2-0 win over Mauritania in the first game a step closer to Indonesia for the last four. To that end, the team must win over Kurdistan Garuda, the leaders who also won in his first game with better productivity goals (3-1).

If the result was a draw or lose, Indonesia can still qualify, with the best runner-up status. Condition, goal difference should not be more than one.

One question raised in the minds of the lovers of the country ahead of the game ball this determination. Nile Has the coach to fix the coordination game Maizar Irfan and his friends, who despite winning two goals without reply, but repeatedly stressed and often make mistakes against Mauritania pass?

Indonesia vibrate first goal in the 17th minute, but Indonesia managed to equalize through Titus Bonai just one minute after it created the opening goal Kurdistan.

Score 1-1 in the first round last until the interval, even up to the long whistle sounded.

A draw is not obtained easily. Since the early minutes of the second half, the defense Indonesia get a barrage of pressure from Kurdistan. Overall, Indonesia is still left a number of game records. One is the lack of creative players in midfield who can be relied upon to dismantle the opponent's defense, both with speed, pass and move without the ball.

In spite of it all, Indonesia certainly finished as runner-up in Group B at the bottom of Kurdistan and will face the winner of Group C, Tunisia or Jordan, in the semifinal to be held on 22 May.
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